Got too much on your plate? Here's a clean solution.

High-quality flexoplates are no use-and-throw products. They can and should be reused. In times of shorter runs and repeating print jobs, that makes a lot of sense. And it should go without saying that the plates must be washed after every job. We know how important time-saving and efficient cleaning is; that’s why we have been building innovative industrial washing machines since 1969. Because we want you to have your head, hands and capacities free for other things.

Easy. Fast. Clean.

You probably know the feeling - you buy something, and before long you don't know how you ever did without it. That is how you will feel about the D.W. RENZMANN FlexPlateCleaner. Operating our cleaning device for flexographic printing plates is as easy as A, B, C: The used plates are placed on a conveyor belt, transported automatically through the cleaner, washed and dried and then deposited in a basket. Next, please.

Because time is money.

Using the FlexPlateCleaner means that your flexoplates are clean, dry and ready for reuse or storage immediately after cleaning. The device uses sophisticated foam rollers to clean plates very gently - so you don't have to worry about the typical damage that can occur during manual plate washing. And: The manpower that was tied up in manual cleaning can now be used elsewhere.

Whatever works for you.

We know that every place works differently. Which is why our machines work just as you want them to. Whether you like our standard FlexPlateCleaner with integrated heating, water rinsing system and minimum level monitor in the water and solvent tanks, or prefer the "pimped" speedyFlexPlateCleaner with additional brush unit - in any case you will have a powerful cleaning system that is tailored to your needs. All versions offer easy operation via an ON/OFF button that also shows other information, such as a cleaning cycle in progress, via the LED color.

So you see, there's no need to get worked up. Especially if you've got the D.W. RENZMANN FlexPlateCleaner working for you.

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