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Hall A5 booth number 1256

2019 March 12th - 14th


European Coatings Show
Hall 5 booth number 5-219

2019 March 19th - 21th


Print China

2019 April 9th - 13th


Pakistan Coating Show

2019 May 2nd - 4th



2019 June 18th - 21th


China Coat

2019 Nov. 18th - 20th


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"Deep cleaning" for printing press parts

Optimizing the washing process in a gravure print shopmore >>

Got too much on your plate? Here's a clean solution.

High-quality flexoplates are no use-and-throw products. They can and should be reused. In times of shorter runs and repeating print jobs, that makes a lot of sense. And it should go without saying that the plates must be washed...more >>

A match made in heaven

Imagine you had a compact system in your print shop that both cleans your press components and removes contaminants from your valuable solvents. Imagine this system consisted of a highly innovative industrial washing machine and...more >>

Requirements for “neat” printing

The old wash room and its outdated equipment simply could not keep up with modern standards, in terms of cleaning efficiency and compliance with increasingly strict legal requirements. Hence the new wash room project was of vital...more >>

Requirements for explosion protection of solvent washing machines

The potential hazards of cleaning equipment that is operated with flammable liquids, and the required precautions, are described in EN 12921-3 "Machines for surface cleaning and pretreatment of industrial items using liquids or...more >>

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Agencies worldwide
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